Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello Little Flea

Today I finally decided to really start my "blog."

I wonder if I'll have anything to say.

I wonder if I'll stay committed.

I wonder if my posts will be like the Little Flea stories that Dad used to tell us. As I recall, it was the same story every day.

One of my "concepts" for my blog is to pick a topic of the day, a word, a thought, an try my hand at my favorite poetry, haiku (, daily. Formula wise, so much easier for me than iambic pentameter sonnets.

Well, let's just see where this goes for now.

Little Flea's first blog
Doughnut dreams, poetry schemes
A poem today

Good night Little flea, good night


  1. Your "little flea" blog is leaving me itching for more!

    Wow ... you scooped me on having a blog!? I'm impressed!

  2. Ah, my first follower, your dedication surpasses all expectations. Just wait til the next one :-) Happy Reading...

  3. Cool! Finally... a blog connection to Former Happy Days. I don't do that Follow thing but I WILL blog-roll ya.

  4. Buck - that sounds more fun :-) like a game baby! a drinking game.